The Gift of Understanding

To be defenseless

Allows me to be open

To others’ points of view

As we work to be our most authentic selves, we go on a pilgrimage to discover that which ours to embrace. We are all blessed with different gifts, personality traits, styles and points of view. Part of our journey in this lifetime is to truly understand what makes us tick, so we can both accept and appreciate our hardwiring. Sometimes we wish to be different in a variety of forms, or even dream about having someone else’s life. The moment we wake up to who we really are, is a moment of complete transformation in terms of how we interact with ourselves and others.

The better we understand ourselves, the more accepting we are of other people. For what bothers us about others, is typically a mirror to that which we have angst about as it pertains to ourselves. When we are at complete peace with who we are, we have no reason to defend or even hide our gifts, talents and perspectives. We can openly share those aspects, while generously receiving any counter opposing feedback. As we open ourselves to the various souls who cross our path each day, we have an opportunity to learn from the differing styles of approaching life. And as we do this, we might find how much more connected we feel to the breadth of humanity, all the while seeing our daily existence as one remarkable classroom.



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