Expectation Free Living

Freedom is ours

To enact and behold true

Intentions matter

The freedom of pursuit is such a gift. At times, we don’t necessarily think about it this way. We also have the tendency to change the conditions of our freedom over time.

The path to freedom starts from within. We are regularly wrestling with the shackles of our mind that can hold us back. These shackles act as a deterrent and can limit our perspective on what’s possible. This is where the power of intention comes to life.

In yesterday’s post, I spoke to the power of intention setting and the freedom it provides us. I also referenced the need to let go of expectations and move to a space of trusting the intentions we put out into the Universe.

So if this concept could be summed up into an equation, it would look like this:

Intentions — (Expectations) = Freedom

Now isn’t that a formula for life worth living!



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