Everyday senses

Come and go with gifts of grace

Cherish them always

The ability to stay in touch with the multiple senses that surround us on a daily basis is such a gift. During the start of some meditation sessions, you are asked to come into the present moment by feeling the air that surrounds you, as well as being mindful of the scents and the sounds. The practice of being in the moment is such an important part of our ability to live with both grace and gratitude. In the hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes miss the opportunity to stay connected — on all fronts.

When we take the time to center ourselves, we are able to understand the impeccable connectedness of everything. There is the philosophy around not making decisions in a vacuum. In essence, we are taught to not move forward in a direction without understanding the potential benefits or consequences of that action or decision. One could simply call it the domino effect. The more we are able to take a little more time to think through the rippling of life, the more we are able to appreciate all that goes into the magnificence of how it all comes together. And in doing this, we might find we’re a little more protective of its preservation.



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