Choosing a Higher Vibration

Eric Paulucci
2 min readOct 11, 2021
Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

My low vibration

With its tempting rituals

No longer serves me

Believe it or not, as humans having a spiritual experience, we operate in a mode of frequencies. Much like an electronic device, we usher in the same kind of vibration that keeps us moving and shaking. It’s important, then, to discern when we’re operating from a low versus a high vibration. Why? Well, each vibration leads to its own outcome.

When we operate from a lower vibration, we are limiting our capacity for growth and the overall enjoyment of life. It’s kind of like being stuck in sludge. This mode of existence can feel tiring and unmotivating. It can also be filled with unnecessary temptations that lead us down a path of regret.

But when we operate from a higher vibration, we are choosing a path that leads us to our most awakened self. It’s as though our heads open up and we see things from a much higher vantage point. It can almost be compared to standing on a mountaintop (for those of us who have actually experienced this!). The view is breathtaking, limitless in scope. The air is fresh and revitalizing. And the feeling we have from this stance is one of unbelievable possibilities.

Sure, it can be tough scaling this mountaintop. And, yes, it requires a good amount of discipline. Certainly, staying sedentary and in our comfort zone can be an easier choice, but it in no way shape or form, provides us the adrenaline rush and level of self-confidence as when we’re soaring high above the noise of the landscape below, being solely in touch with the whispers of the wind.



Eric Paulucci

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